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Open Release & Rental Agreement

Check In & Check Out: Check In begins at 4pm & Check Out is at 11am. Please remember you have reserved an entire house for your vacation, so in addition to the standard cleaning of the kitchen, living areas, after each guest a household equivalent of soiled bed, bath, and kitchen linens must be washed, the hot tub drained and sanitized, and indoor garden tubs sanitized.  With so much to do we are unable to offer early check ins or late check outs. Please respect the next scheduled guest by being prompt when departing so the housekeeping staff can start cleaning the cabin for the next guest.

Age Restriction: There is a 25 year old minimum age limit to reserve a cabin, and the individual responsible for booking the cabin must stay at the property for the entire duration of the reservation. All guests are required to show proof of identification at check in, any reservations made under false pretenses will be voided by Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals and no refunds or discounts will be provided.

Gatherings of Large Groups at a Cabin: Our cabins are actual homes, and as such cannot comfortably or safely accommodate large numbers of tenants for extended periods of time. Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals does NOT permit parties, weddings, wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, etc. at any of its properties, failure to observe this policy will result in the automatic cancellation or eviction and no refunds or discounts will be provided.

Making a Reservation: To make a reservation you can either call our office at 1-706-964-6032 or 1-877-6CUDDLE, or you can reserve the cabin you like at any time using our website’s secure online booking system. All reservations are subject to a 5% booking fee and $49 Property Protection Fee. The Property Protection Fee is a damage waiver that will cover up to $250 for accidental or inadvertent damages reported to Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals. Please be advised that damages in excess of $250, intentional damage or gross negligence will result in additional costs. 

Regardless of the booking method you choose, at the time you reserve your cabin you must use a credit card to either make a payment of $300 down towards your total reservation, or if your arrival is in less than 14 days pay in full.  When making a payment or putting a security hold down for a cabin credit industry regulations dictate that only the person whose name appears on the card can authorize the use of the card. We have no control over the restrictions credit card companies have put into place to protect their cardholders. If the cardholder is not available to authorize the use of the card we cannot accept payment or place a hold on a cabin.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to variances in cabin size and amenity packages, some properties my require renters to provide a security hold IN ADDITION to the $49 Property Protection Fee (minimum amount required for additional security hold is $500).  Additional Security Deposit:  At the preference of some cabin owners, even with the $49 Property Protection Fee in place, there are some properties that may also a minimum $500 security deposit to be collected the day before arrival and refunded one week following departure.  Reservations that require an additional $500 security hold on a credit card will not be permitted access to the cabin until the credit card hold is in place. ONLY credit/debit cards can be used for the damage hold, we cannot accept checks. Guests that do not have a credit or debit card at their disposal will not be permitted to stay at the cabin and will remain liable for all rental fees. And just as when making a payment, credit card regulations dictate that only the person whose name appears on the card can authorize the use of their card for a security hold. Due to the extreme length of time some banks hold funds we strongly caution against using debit cards for security holds. No permanent charges will be made to the credit card if no damage is found evident to the cabin and all policies have been respected. If damages are found and subsequent repair is higher than the $250 coverage offered by the Property Protection Fee additional charges will be applied. Security deposits will be refunded one week following departure.  Although Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals only has a small window of time to collect funds set aside for damages, the release of funds back into bank accounts can be tied up by the issuing bank and partnered credit card company for as long as 30 days past tenant departure when a debit card is used.

Payment of Rental Balance Policy: Please DO NOT send personal checks to pay the remaining balance due. All rental balances must be paid using e-check, cash, money order, travelers check, or credit card fourteen (14) days prior to the scheduled date of arrival. If arrival date is less than 14 days away from date of booking then payment is expected in full at the time of booking. Unless updated information is provided our office staff will automatically charge the remaining rental balance to the card we have on file fourteen (14) days before the scheduled arrival. If you choose to use your debit card Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals is not responsible for any overdraft charges incurred by the automatic collection of the rental balance. If we are unable to collect the balance due on the credit card provided within 48 hours of the date the balance is due (10 days from your scheduled date of arrival) we will cancel the reservation due to insufficient funds and retain a portion or all of payments made in accordance with our cancellation policy. 

Changes to Your Booking: Once a reservation is made changes to the date are subject to a non-refundable $50.00 fee per alteration. Also, changes to the reservation date can only be made fourteen (14) or more business days prior to check in date provided the reservation is not a holiday booking. Changes to the property may result in cancellation penalties (see cancellation policy for description of tiered break out of penalties). We manage individually-owned properties, so even though you deal with the same office staff the individual rental success of each cabin is tied to a different home owner. Having so many owners benefits our renters because it gives our cabins immense diversity, each one is furnished with amenities that its owner enjoys. The unfortunate side of the individual owner arrangement is that although we do our best to meet each customer service request in some instances because deal with a different owner for each rental we simply cannot offer the same flexibilities as hotels. When you select a cabin, you have removed that owner’s property from the rental pool and stopped all other potential bookings for the time frame you requested. Should you later decide to change cabins the original cabin owner could suffer greatly, you have blocked their cabin out from other potential tenants and regardless of whether you stay with another property in the Cuddle Up rental program you have temporarily cancelled that owners potential for rental. Rentals are based on availability, and once a property has been reserved for a tenant all other inquiries are turned away. Thus, alterations regarding dates property location or date of reservation could prevent other rentals. PLEASE NOTE: This policy does not include additions/subtractions to the number of guests. There will be NO CHARGE FOR CHANGES IN THE GUEST COUNT or adding a day. (All other normal rates still apply)

Confirmation of Reservation: After booking a cabin over the phone or online you have blocked out its availability from other interested parties and as a result cancellation penalties will apply. Immediately after booking automated confirmation emails will be sent out by our reservation system. Included in these emails is the Rental & Release Agreement.  Tenant/credit card holder who has reserved the cabin must read, sign & return the Rental & Release Agreement within 72 hours of booking a property via fax to 1-706-964-6033 or by scanning and emailing to If the Rental & Release Agreement is not signed by credit cardholder and returned to our accordance with our cancellation policy.  Other guests of tenant/card holder can sign a guest rental agreement at a later date. Failure to sign and return this document does not exempt the card holder from our policies or remove them from responsibility for payment.

Listing & Pricing: We have made every effort to ensure that all information on Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals website is correct. Rates, fees, specials, and taxes are subject to change without notice. Advertised "nightly rates" do not include state lodging taxes, booking & cleaning fees and are subject to change. Rates for holidays, special events, and weekends may be higher. Minimum night requirements may vary for holidays and special events. For the most recent and accurate assessment of property availability please contact our office, availability can change drastically and our online availability calendars can fall behind quickly during periods of heavy traffic. Please contact any of our booking agents at 1-877-6CUDDLE, they will be happy to help you narrow your search down to available properties for any given time frame.

Acts of God/Construction Noise: Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals shall not be liable for events beyond their control which may interfere with guest occupancy, including but not limited to Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, fire, strikes, war, inclement weather and construction noise from nearby sites. Guests with pet allergies understand that Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals has no way to guarantee that cabins advertised as non-pet-friendly and their furniture/contents have never been exposed to pet dander or allergens.  NO DISCOUNT OR REFUND will be offered in these circumstances. Extra Hot Tub Cleaning: ALL HOT TUBS HAVE BEEN DRAINED, CLEANED & REFILLED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. Some tenants will find that exposure to the chemicals used to treat the hot tub cause rashes or other irritations of their skin. If a member of your group has a cut, rash, skin irritation or infection when you arrive at the cabin you could risk contracting it by sharing the hot tub. There will be additional charges if guest(s) require an additional cleaning to the hot tub during guest(s) stay.

Smoking: NO SMOKING inside any of our cabins!

Cancellation Policy: Written documentation is required to cancel any reservation. Documentation must be submitted by the person who reserved the cabin and contain the transaction ID.  Please mail all certified cancellation letters to: Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals, P.O. Box 760, McCaysville, Georgia 30555.

Cancellation Penalty: No matter when you cancel there is a financial penalty.  If it is a last minute booking or you wish to cancel the same day you reserved a cabin, cancellation penalties will still apply.  Cancellation penalties increase based on how quickly the date blocked out for your arrival is approaching.  Cancellation policies are different and penalties higher for holiday reservations.

Non-Holiday Cancellations: If you have not booked holiday dates & you cancel more than 30 days before the beginning date blocked for your arrival, the penalty is $65. If you have not blocked holiday dates & you cancel 30-15 days away from the beginning date blocked for your arrival, the penalty is $300.  If you have not blocked holiday dates & you cancel 14 or fewer days away from the beginning date blocked for your arrival, the penalty is the full cabin rental amount. 

Holiday Cancellations: If you have booked holiday dates & you cancel more than 60 days before the beginning date blocked for your arrival, the penalty is $85.  If you have booked holiday dates & you cancel 60-22 days away from the beginning date blocked for your arrival, the penalty is $300. If you have booked holiday dates & you cancel 21 or fewer days away from the beginning date blocked for your arrival, the penalty is the full cabin rental amount. 

Late Check Ins & Holiday Check Ins:  We close at 2:00 pm on Christmas Eve & we are closed all day on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. If we are closed by the time of or on the date of your arrival we will create a late check in packet for your booking and leave your items in the lockbox on our front porch. You can access this lockbox using the code emailed to you when the cabin rental balance was collected. Please note your completed Rental and Release Agreement must be on file in order to do a late check in, please make sure you have mailed, emailed or faxed that to our office before your scheduled date of arrival.  

Privacy Policy: Our Privacy Policy Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals will not collect any personal identification information about you (such as your name. address, telephone number or e-mail address) through our website unless you provide it voluntarily. You are not required to register to browse and enjoy our site. Personal Information This is the official website of Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals. We respect your concerns about privacy. Accordingly, we have enacted the following policies intended to protect your privacy and ensure that all voluntarily submitted personal information is handled in a safe and responsible manner. We only collect personal information when you request our services, and only use the information to provide that service for you. If you choose to make a purchase, you will be asked to provide contact information (such as your name, phone number and shipping address) and financial information (such as your credit card number and expiration date). This information is used for billing purposes and to process your order. If you send a gift and provide the recipient’s shipping address this information is used only for delivery purposes. Any personal information provided will not be sold, rented, traded or otherwise shared with anyone outside of Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals, or used for reasons beyond those contemplated by this statement.

PETS AT CABIN: Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals, Inc has a strict no pet policy in properties that have not been deemed pet-friendly by the property owner.  If pets are brought to a non pet friendly property a fee of no less than $300 will be charged to card on file, as well as the standard pet fee and additional cleaning charges. 

PET FRIENDLY RENTAL POLICIES: There is a $30 flat pet fee that is non-refundable. Unfortunately cabin owners do not permit cats to stay in properties, dogs only. Puppies up to 15 months old are NOT permitted in any of the cabins. Maximum pet weight is 25 pounds and no more than 2 pets are allowed in any property.  Pet damage hold of $100.00 per pet, per stay that will be guaranteed on a VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS. All terms & conditions outlined in the pet policy must be followed.  Only adult dogs are permitted in some cabins. Individual owners determine whether they want to welcome pets into their cabins and we cannot permit pet’s access to cabins that are not deemed pet-friendly. • There will be an additional security deposit of $100.00 per pet, per stay that will be guaranteed on a VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS. • Pets are NOT permitted in the hot tub. Guests agree to pay no less than $100.00 cleaning fee if pet gets into the hot tub and the cost of a new hot tub filter. • Pets MUST BE COMPLETELY HOUSE BROKEN! WELL BEHAVED AND PEST FREE! • Pets are NOT allowed on any of the beds or furniture. Guests will be charged an additional cleaning fee of no less than $50.00 if pet hair causes a delay in cleaning service. • Guests agree they will NOT use any linens or towels on pets. • Guests agree to bring pets’ crate and bedding for their pets. While Guests are away from the cabin, guests will be sure that pet is secured in a pet carrier and NOT left to wander inside the cabin, screened porch or outside. • If pets have an accident in cabin, all clean up will be performed by the Guests. Guests further agree to police waste from the grounds and deposit in a plastic bag and placed in outside garbage cans. Guests agree that failure to comply with clean-ups of either inside cabin or outside cabin will result in an additional cleaning charge of not less than $50.00. • Should damage to the cabin, grounds or furnishings (including linens) or flea infestation occur, the guest is responsible for said charges up to and beyond the pet security deposit and will be charged to the credit card placed for pet deposit. If the credit card will not cover these charges guests will make arrangements with Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals for replacing and/or repairing the damages. These charges include the time involved by Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals in correcting, clean up, fumigation, replacement, repair of said damages. • Guests agree to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets well being. • If any of these Pet Policy items are not met, guests are in violation of the Agreement/Contract. Guests agree that by signing this Agreement/Contract, they are authorizing Agents to charge guests credit card on file for any damages Sustained.

Open Release & Rental Agreement

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