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How do I reserve a cabin? Reserve anytime using our secure 24/7 online booking feature or call our office at 1-877-6CUDDLE, any of our helpful booking agents will be able to take your reservation over the phone.  

What's cell phone reception like at the cabin?  Cell phone service is sporadic in the mountains. VERIZON is great at most properties, others have better CINGULAR/AT&T coverage. More remote cabins have no cell phone reception. Neither NEXTEL or T-MOBILE stretch this far north. Each cabin has a land line for local numbers like our office, area businesses & restaurants, & emergencies.

Are there grocery stores and restaurants near the cabin? Yes, our cabins are very convenient to shopping in downtown Blue Ridge, GA & Copperhill, TN & McCaysville, GA. Each cabin is equipped with a welcome book packed full of business descriptions and directions.  Everything from grocery stores, chain restaurants, to local eateries and the best local boutiques is covered.   

How accurate are the cabin photos? Our staff makes every effort to update the photos on our website regularly. Owners frequently update their cabins with new pieces of furniture, linens, larger televisions, etc.  The pictures online are recent photos of the actual cabin you’ve rented, which were taken with our own camera. In this case, what you see is really what you get. Please keep in mind that these are only photos and in some cases pictures cannot do not do justice to the craftsmanship and unique character of the cabins.

What items should I bring with me to the cabin? Bring toilet paper, paper towels, food, trash bags and personal items (body soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc...) Bed & bath linens are provided.

Where do I check in?  Unless otherwise instructed you will check in at our office in downtown McCaysville, GA; about 9.9 miles north of Blue Ridge, GA. Directions to our office are included in the reservation confirmation packet.  The physical address for your GPS navigation is 224 Blue Ridge Drive, McCaysville, GA 30555.  We are 90 minutes north of downtown Atlanta, and east of Chattanooga, TN.

I have reserved a cabin in Ellijay or Blairsville, how do I check in at the cabin? In order to check in at the cabin please make sure you submit your Rental Agreement before your arrival date. We will create an individual express check in packet for you once we have all the required paperwork on file and the balance is collected. 

Do we need to bring firewood? Cabin fireplaces are available seasonally from October 1 – March 31, and during those times adequate firewood is provided for guests.  If you burn through the wood left out for the interior fireplace you will be responsible for purchasing more.  Guests are responsible for purchasing the firewood they use in outdoor firepits or outdoor fireplaces.  Firewood bundles are available for purchase at many local stores and gas stations or you can contact our office to purchase firewood and arrange to have it delivered before your arrival.

Where can I get wine/spirits/beer? Each cabin has a welcome book with a list of local vendors of wine, beer, & spirits.  Beer and wine is available at numerous licensed local eateries, however liquor is not sold in the area and must be purchased in Ellijay, GA or Murphy, NC. 

What do I need to send back to your office to confirm my reservation? The Rental & Release Agreement our staff needs is automatically emailed to the address provided at the time of booking.  

Can I fax or email my Rental Agreement to your office? Yes, please email agreements to or fax them to 706-964-6033.  Always bring a copy of the document with you to check in, just incase your fax or email did not successfully come through.

Will I need a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access the cabin? Our housekeeping contractors and office staff use everyday cars (Honda accord, Kia mini-van) to conduct quality checks & stock all our properties. However, some properties do have steep driveways so we caution against driving cars with exceptionally low ground clearance. Cabins like Aska-LaVista are easier accessed in front wheel drive, and if you are riding a motorcycle or plan to tow a trailer, please call the office first so we can help you with your cabin selection.

Why is your weekly special based on 5 nights? Its actually uncommon for guests to be able to take a full week off work or school for vacation, so we base our weekly special on a 5 night minimum—any stay over 5 nights gets a night free! Our weekly special applies to all properties year round except Trinity Waters & Twin Falls. Trinity Waters does not offer a weekly discount. Twin Falls DOES NOT participate in the weekly special of stay 5 nights get the 6th night free during June-July & holidays. 

Will the hot tub be ready for use when I check in? Yes, we drain, scrub clean, refill and treat our hot tubs with fresh chemicals after each rental.  When you arrive at the cabin you will only need to adjust the hot tub to the desired temperature and permit time for the water to reach your heat setting.

How far is the cabin from your office? With the exception of Twin Falls, Thunder Falls, A River Runs Through, and Heaven's Doorstep all our cabins are within 13 miles of our office.

How old do I need to be to rent a cabin? Guests must be 25 years old to rent a cabin. Parents please do not attempt to rent a cabin for your underage children, we verify guests age at check in.

Why are the nightly rate for some cabin’s only based on 4 guests? Prorating the cabin rate by occupancy helps us to price a vacation that fits each guests individual needs.  

How do I cancel my reservation? Our cancellation policy is based on the scheduled date of arrival; so the sooner you let our office know of your plans to cancel the better.  We do require all cancellation requests be made in writing.  Please see the Cancellations section of your Rental Agreement or our Policies page for more information.

Can I make adjustments to my reservation? Absolutely, occupancy adjustments can be made to your reservation at any time without penalty. However, because changes to your arrival and departure date alter the cabin’s availability to other guests there can be a financial penalty for changing dates.  

When do I pay my balance? After the stress of packing & driving we want to get you to your cabin and relaxation as soon as possible.  To streamline the check in process we collect all outstanding balances 14 days before your scheduled arrival. 

What if I can't make it to your office to check in before you close at 5:00pm?  Please be sure we have your Rental & Release Agreement on file and give us a call for instructions for a late/after hour’s check in.

Can I have the directions or address to the cabin before check in? Our rental contract with our owners prevents our staff from releasing the cabin address or directions until check in.  Once all paperwork has been submitted, the security/damage hold is in place (if required), and the guests id is verified at check in we can release all cabin contact and location information.

Can I have an early check in? The popularity of our cabins and their status as private homes prevents our office from granting early check-ins and late checkouts.  During peak season most cabins will have checkouts and check-ins in the same day and our housekeeping staff needs the full windown of time between to prepare the cabin for your stay.  Also, because our cabins are private homes, any period not blocked out by rental is always available to the owner for last minute use.  Many of our owners will make spur of the moment trips up to their cabin and as a result housekeeping must go through the steps again to prepare the cabin for your stay.

Can I check on over the weekend or a holiday? Yes, our office is open Monday through Saturday from 9:000 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. & on Sunday from 12:30 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. Our office is also open for most holidays, with the exception of Easter, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and we close at 2:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.  If you plan to check in on any of the holidays listed above please contact our office for check in instructions.

What are the policies for pet-friendly cabins? PETS AT CABIN: Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals, Inc has a strict no pet policy in properties that have not been deemed pet-friendly by the property owner.  If pets are brought to a non pet friendly property a fee of no less than $300 will be charged to card on file, as well as the standard pet  fee and additional cleaning charges. PET FRIENDLY RENTAL POLICIES: There is a $30 flat pet fee that is non-refundable. Puppies up to 15 months old are NOT permitted in any of the cabins. Maximum pet weight is 25 pounds and no more than 2 pets are allowed in any property.  Pet damage hold of $100.00 per pet, per stay that will be guaranteed on a VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS. All terms & conditions outlined in the pet policy must be followed.  Only adult dogs are permitted in some cabins. Individual owners determine whether they want to welcome pets into their cabins and we cannot permit pet’s access to cabins that are not deemed pet-friendly. • There will be an additional security deposit of $100.00 per pet, per stay that will be guaranteed on a VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER OR AMERICAN EXPRESS. • Pets are NOT permitted in the hot tub. Guests agree to pay no less than $100.00 cleaning fee if pet gets into the hot tub and the cost of a new hot tub filter. • Pets MUST BE COMPLETELY HOUSE BROKEN! WELL BEHAVED AND PEST FREE! • Pets are NOT allowed on any of the beds or furniture. Guests will be charged an additional cleaning fee of no less than $50.00 if pet hair causes a delay in cleaning service. • Guests agree they will NOT use any linens or towels on pets. • Guests agree to bring pets’ crate and bedding for their pets. While Guests are away from the cabin, guests will be sure that pet is secured in a pet carrier and NOT left to wander inside the cabin, screened porch or outside. • If pets have an accident in cabin, all clean up will be performed by the Guests. Guests further agree to police waste from the grounds and deposit in a plastic bag and placed in outside garbage cans. Guests agree that failure to comply with clean-ups of either inside cabin or outside cabin will result in an additional cleaning charge of not less than $50.00. • Should damage to the cabin, grounds or furnishings (including linens) or flea infestation occur, the guest is responsible for said charges up to and beyond the pet security deposit and will be charged to the credit card placed for pet deposit. If the credit card will not cover these charges guests will make arrangements with Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals for replacing and/or repairing the damages. These charges include the time involved by Cuddle Up Cabin Rentals in correcting, clean up, fumigation, replacement, repair of said damages. • Guests agree to be in full control of their pets at all times and take full responsibility for their pets well being. • If any of these Pet Policy items are not met, guests are in violation of the Agreement/Contract. Guests agree that by signing this Agreement/Contract, they are authorizing Agents to charge guests credit card on file for any damages Sustained.

Can I bring my pet into a non-pet friendly cabin? No, please remember the cabins are privately owned and some of the owners and their families have severe pet allergies.  Introducing a pet into a non-pet friendly cabin could  cause medical complications for the owners and future renters. Bringing a pet inside any of our non-pet friendly properties will result in additional charges & penalties.

Are all your cabin’s smoke free? Yes, smoking is prohibited inside all our rental properties.  Ashtrays are provided on the cabin’s exterior decks & seating areas.  Smoking inside one of our properties will result in severe penalties & fines

Can I bring air mattresses to the cabin? No, the maximum occupancy of each cabin is determined by the individual owners preference as well as fire code.  Bringing air mattresses to the cabin clogs the floor plan and can block exit routes that are required for emergencies.

How secluded is the cabin? Our cabins are privately owned so their locations and individual amenities vary by property and owner preference.  Please contact our office with questions about the setting of our cabins and their proximity to other properties.

Can your company provide a pack-n-play, crib, or kayak, tubes for my stay? Unfortunately no, insurance restrictions prevent our office and individual owners from providing cribs, play pens, pack-n-plays or any devices for water recreation.

Are your cabins in walking distance of each other? Yes, some of them are! Each of our cabins is privately owned, and we are fortunate enough to have several cabins within walking or a very short driving distance of each other.

Do you need a fishing license to fish from the cabin? Yes, Georgia and Tennessee state law require a valid fishing license when casting a line in moving water. But if the cabin you selected has a stocked pond, you can fish with out a license.  We sell Georgia licenses in our office and our website also has links to both state websites where you can purchase fishing licenses online!

Is there a cut off age for occupancy charges? Yes, charges for additional guests only apply to children age 13 or older.

I forgot something at the cabin during my stay, how do I get it back? We cannot guarantee that we will be able to locate and return your lost items.  We only keep forgotten items for 14 days after guest departure.  To return items there is a minimum $25 handling fee as well as additional charges for any packing materials and postage.  

Will I see wildlife during my stay? We cannot guarantee guests will/will not encounter local wildlife during their stay.  All of our cabins are located in the mountains, and as a result you are likely to encounter wildlife (deer, bears, raccoons, snakes and bugs of various types, including wasps and/or scorpions, etc…). All of our cabins do receive bi-monthly pest control, however, because the cabins are located in the woods you may encounter pests of different kinds around the property.  Winter is ladybug season in the mountains. We will do everything possible to reduce the ladybug population in and around the property, but you will most likely see ladybugs in or around the cabin. (They do not bite or sting)


When you see a Black Bear…

Be Bear Aware

There is always a risk of injury or death when encountering wild animals including Black Bears.


Report bear problems to
 Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

Georgia Wildlife Resources Agency

If you see a bear in the distance:

  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Alter your route to avoid it.
  • Keep children and pets close at hand.
  • Never approach a bear – it is a dangerous wild animal.  If a bear changes its natural behavior because of your presence, you are too close.
  • Never fee or toss food to a bear or any wild animal.
  • Never surround or corner a bear.

If a Bear approaches you:

  • Don’t run, back away slowly.
  • Remain calm.
  • Face the bear, but don’t look directly into its eyes.
  • Group together, pick up small children and restrain pets.
  • Try to scare the bear away by shouting and acting aggressively.

If the bear attacks:

  • Continue to act aggressively. Yell, make loud noises and wave your arms.
  • Fight back with anything available and using everything in your power.
  • Except in rare cases, playing dead is not appropriate.

Toll Free: 1-877-628-3353
Local: 706-964-6032
224 Blue Ridge Dr.
McCaysville, GA 30555

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